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Empire State Building gets first LED light show

Alicia Keys helped kick off the show by flipping the switch, synchronising the lights with her smash hit Empire State of Mind.

The lighting system from Philips Colour Kinetics is unique to the Empire State Building, allowing a huge range of colours and dynamic effects such as ripples, crossfades and bursts.

‘The Empire State Building’s lights are the international icon of the New York City skyline. We use our tower lights to partner with select charities, organisations and events around the world,’ said Anthony Malkin, president of Malkin Holdings which supervises the building.

The new LED system was installed over the summer and has been set to the colour and intensity of the incandescent lighting it replaced.

Alicia Keys added: ‘The Empire State Building has always been a symbol of what’s possible in New York, and all the dreams that can come true in this city that never sleeps. As a proud New Yorker, I’m so honoured and humbled to be a little part of its history.’