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Authorities seek to root out shock risk LED tubes

Finnish authorities ordered recalls on three LED tube products in the space of five weeks, while Germany banned one in April and the UK ordered a temporary ban on another in August.

The brands affected were Limic, Ledtek, Eneltec, Winled (which also had another LED tube recalled last year) and Iled. All were made in China.

The safety concerns arose mostly from inadequate insulation between live and accessible metal parts. In the case of the Limic product, both ends became live when just one was inserted into a fitting.

Additionally, Havells-Sylvania voluntarily recalled 705 units of its ToLEDo LED tube product in the UK in October, due to a fault that introduced a risk of electric shock. All were recovered.

Various other LED light products were also subject to compulsory recalls this year, including four lamps from LED Energie.