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Philips develops 200lm/W LED lamp – in warm white

The prototype TLED tube lamp developed by Philips researchers (and modelled above by Coen Liedenbaum) produces 200 lumens of high-quality white light from just one watt, compared to typical figures of 100lm/W for fluorescent lighting and just 15lm/W for incandescent lamps. The new lamp is expected to hit the market in 2015 for office and industry applications, and later for homes.

Philips says it is based on innovations from its Lumileds LED division, including phosphor technology and blue LEDs.

Philips says its new prototype lamp ‘marks the first time that lighting engineers have been able to reach 200lm/W efficiency without compromising on light quality’, with a colour-rendering index of more than 80 and a colour temperature of between 3000 and 4000K. ‘This again is a major breakthrough in LED lighting and will further drive the transformation of the lighting industry,’ saidRene van Schooten, CEO of light sources and electronics at Philips Lighting. ‘It’s exciting to imagine the massive energy and cost savings it will bring to our planet and customers.’

The TLED lamp is intended to replace fluorescent tube lighting used in office and industry, which currently account for more than half of the world’s lighting. Philips estimates that in the US alone, replacing fluorescent lamps with TLEDs would save the output of 50 medium-sized power plants, more than US$12 billion and 60 million tonnes of CO2.