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Is this the coolest new gadget on the market?

This intuitively-operated spectometer is Andriod-based and specifically designed for the measurement and characterisation of light sources – especially LEDs – providing accurate spectral information and colour co-ordinates conforming to CIE standards.

Dedicated software automatically calculates critical parameters such as colour temperature and colour rendering index, while different accessories are available for specialised measurements. This includes: luminous flux using GL OPTI SPHERE 48, and luminance measurement of flat LCD and OLED panels, and plasma FPDs using GL OPTI PROBE 1.0 optical probe.

This handheld gadget can be used for everyday incoming quality control of light sources, field work of quality engineers and other professionals who deal in the quality of light. GL SPECTIS 1.0 touch is the spectometer for the iPhone generation. The battery only lasts for around six hours, and data can be transfered via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB cable or SD Card.