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Epsom becomes latest council to embrace LED

The new energy-efficient lighting will be installed at the council’s town hall and a local recycling depot under the £55,000 scheme.

The project is expected to save the council around £8,000 a year in energy costs.

Lib Dem Councillor Julie Morris said: ‘While money is scarce, if we can make long-term savings to running costs then it has to be money well spent.

‘If we invest in “spend to save” projects while we have got money it means the basic running costs of the local authority will be as small as it can be in the future,’ she said.

The decision comes as local councils increasingly opt to light prominent council buildings using LED lamps.

In July, Lux reported on the energy-efficient upgrades being made at Ealing Council’s Town Hall, Perceval House and Greenford Hall.

Belfast, Plymouth, Epping Forest and Hastings councils have also followed the trend and have announced plans to upgrade to LED lighting in local landmark buildings in the past 12 months.

All have cited reduced energy costs and environmental benefits as incentives to upgrade to LEDs.