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Hubbell offers flexible financing in North America

The initiative, called Cash Flow Positive, provides flexible funding for commercial and municipal customers through Hubbell and its agent network.

‘Major capital investments are hard to justify and will always stand as an impediment to greater energy efficiency,’ said Scott Muse, president of Hubbell. ‘Our Cash Flow Positive programme addresses the economic barriers that our customers often face and helps them break through these challenges to immediately capture the benefits of our leading energy efficient lighting and controls solutions.’

Working through the company’s Hubbell Capital team, commercial customers can receive financing with terms from 12 to 60 months – and up to 120 months for municipal customers – on projects ranging from $5,000 to $10 million (€3,800 to €7.6 million). Hubbell Capital estimates the costs and payments of all products, installation and project-related services to structure the finance in a way that energy savings are greater than monthly repayments.

The financing scheme does not require any downpayments and is only available in North America. 

‘This is a major step forward in spurring the adoption of innovative and efficient lighting technologies than have a proven impact on lowering facility and municipality costs,’ said Muse.