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Thorn supplies LED luminaires for Morrisons rollout

The LED rollout, which is due to finish in November, covers 50 of Morrrisons’ older stores. It involves replacing 140W T8 fittings, which Morrisons had been using for 20 years, with around 30,000 new LED luminaires. The new fitting, developed by Thorn specifically for Morrisons, is designed to be retrofitted into the existing trough system.

With a colour temperature of 4000K, the new lighting gives the shops a bright, uniform feel.

As part of the project Thorn also helped to train electrical contractors to make sure fittings could be installed as quickly as possible.

In a trial store in Thornbury, Bradford, energy savings of around two thirds were achieved, leading to an annual saving of £32,000, and a payback period of two years and seven months. Thorn believes the project will reduce Morrisons’ electrical load by 2,420kW.

The Morrisons contract win comes after a period when Thorn had to lay off dozens of staff in the UK and elsewhere, blaming a slowdown in public sector work due to government budget cuts.