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Australian lighting standard open for public comment

The draft streetlighting paper has been compiled by the joint Standards Australia and Standards New Zealand committee LG-002. There are eight separate parts to the AS1158 streetlighting standard, and it is part six (1158.6) that is up for review.

The reason for the amendment was to incorporate SSL as an approved light source – it is not currently supported by the standard.

Part six focuses on the technical requirements for luminaires. Industry commentators from the region have called the updates ‘extremely prohibitive and precise’.

Steve Hare of Eye Lighting said: ‘SSL offers many benefits to our aged network, which mostly consists of mercury vapour lighting, but the draft is still very prescriptive in terms of what a luminaire must and must not be, which eliminates many luminaires from being considered.’

The objective of the new standards is to specify requirements for the design, construction, performance and testing of road lighting luminaires to ensure they are suitable for use. It has been noted that streetlights need to withstand, and operate in, adverse conditions including traffic-induced vibrations, dust storms and ultraviolet radiation.

Another industry expert from the region, who has asked to remain anonymous, said: ‘It’s an issue that concerns us in the wider industry in Australia that this Standard is highly prescriptive, which seems to contravene the World Trade Organisation for Technical Barriers Against Trade.’

The closing date for comment is 11 September. 

All comments must be filed online via this form: