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Philips extends Hue range

The new ‘Friends of Hue’ products include LivingColors Bloom, a compact colour-changing accent light, and LightStrips, a flexible strip for ambient indirect lighting. With the Hue app, you can now use a mobile phone or tablet to make these products change colour, dim up and down or turn on and off in response to different cues.

There’s even a Mickey Mouse-shaped light that synchronises with Disney ebooks to bring a story to life, and an app for Android and iOS devices that allows you to match lighting to what’s on the screen.

Philips is also allowing third-party developers to create devices and apps that work with Hue.

Jo Picardo of Philips Consumer Lighting said: ‘Adding colour to a home doesn’t need to just be about art and paint, the flexibility of smart LED technology means light can play just as big a part in creating a unique atmosphere in the home that is flexible and personalised to you… and this is just the beginning.’

The new products will be available in Apple Stores from 21 August. LivingColors Bloom will cost £66, while the price of the other products is yet to be announced.