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Debate the issues with Lux Review at the Hong Kong Light Fair

It takes place in the conference hall at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on the afternoon Monday 28 October. It’s set to be the liveliest discussion on the state of the market at the show, so put it in your diary so you don’t miss it!

Tech Heroes
Leading manufacturers outline the current state of their technology, and the roadmap for future developments.

3.00pm Philips
Philips is the world’s leading manufacturer and it has been setting the agenda with LED lighting adoption and development, not least with a recent breakthrough in efficacy to 200 lumens per watt. Here Jean-Paul Jacob R&D director, will outline recent developments and what we can expect from the Dutch giant in the coming years

3.20pm Soraa
US LED lamp start-up Soraa has captured the attention of the industry with high-performance gallium-on-gallium LED lamps with exceptional colour rendering and output. Here Frank Shum, vice president, LED lamp products, explains the company’s unique technology and its possibilities for light sources.

3.40pm Intematix
Intematix has developed the extraordinary Chromalit technology, a remote phosphor composite that converts blue LED light to high quality white. This in turn leads to more efficient manufacturing processes and up to 30 per cent higher system efficacy, explains Jason Posselt, senior director of the company.

4.00pm 10 things they don’t tell you about LEDs
Some LED makers promote their ‘hero numbers’ but hide the downsides. Here Ray Molony, Lux Review editor, discusses the issues with Jean-Paul Jacob of Philips, Frank Shum of Soraa, Jason Posselt of Intematix, Fred Bass of Megaman, Mick Wilkes of Landlite and Gordon Routledge, publisher of Lux Review.