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Consumers “won’t see a difference” from halogen phase-out

As far as reflector lamps are concerned, the main change when the new EcoDesign regulation (known as DIM2) comes into effect on 1 September will be a ‘transition from less efficient towards more efficient types within the same technology’, rather than a sudden shift to a new type of lamp, said LightingEurope in its guide to the new regulations.

Even when the phase-out goes a step further in September 2014, targeting incandescent reflector lamps, the difference will ‘only be seen by experts’ because the quality of light from halogen versions is just as good, the organisation said.

LightingEurope said LED retrofits were in many cases a ‘good alternative’ to halogen reflector lamps, and pointed out that the regulation represents Europe’s first mandatory quality criteria for LED lamps and modules. ‘This seems to be a minor change for the consumer, but it is actually a major change,’ the organisation said, because it will help drive improvements in quality that are key to the wider adoption of LED lighting.

LightingEurope added that it is confident that mains voltage halogen lamps will only be phased out in 2016 if LEDs represent a genuine affordable alternative.

The EcoDesign regulation also introduces rules for the information that must appear on the packaging of lighting products and on manufacturer websites.