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Walmart launches range of cheap LEDs

The range includes 26 different retrofit LED lamps, including a non-dimmable 60W-equivalent priced at US$8.88 (€6.57), a dimmable 60W-equivalent costing $9.88 (€7.31) and a non-dimmable indoor flood for $14.88 (€11) designed to replace a 65W.

Packaging is marked with wattage equivalency, estimated energy savings and incandescent cost comparisons.

‘Walmart makes purchasing LED a simple choice for consumers through the new low price and package design that is easy to understand. Consumers get excellent light output that is more reliable, convenient, better for the environment and saves money in the long run,’ said Steve Bratspies, executive vice president of general merchandise for Walmart.

The company estimates consumers could save an average of $129 (€95.34) per year by changing their home lighting to LED.

The retailer has also signed a deal to provide a new dimmable 60W-equivalent retrofit lamp from GE for less than $11 (€8.14).

‘GE and Walmart have worked in close concert for more than a decade to pioneer new applications for commercial LEDs,’ said John Strainic, GE consumer lighting general manager. ‘We’ve taken the good collaboration we’ve made with Walmart to increase the energy efficiency of their facilities, and are beginning to make the same in-roads in the consumer lighting aisle.’

The retailer began using LED freezer case lighting in 2005 to reduce energy consumption. It has also incorporated LED to its carparks and sales floors.