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Buenos Aires switches its streets to LED

The 91,000 luminaires across the Argentina’s capital city being upgrade will be supplied by Philips, who has already retrofitted around 10,000 units. The project includes lighting in parks, as well as streets. Philips’ Greenway lanterns are being retrofitted onto existing poles.

The Philips CityTouch lighting management system is also being installed. The technology enables monitoring of each unit in the network on an individual basis, allowing the optimal operation of each luminaire and the automation of maintenance programmes. The system also gives the municipality the option to switch off or dim lighting levels, depending on specific requirements.

‘With the rapid growth in population and the expansion of urban areas, the world needs better and more efficient light. The arrival of innovative LED lighting has brought about a radical change in the industry. In addition to enabling energy savings, it provides our customers with unique, flexible, sustainable, and integrated lighting solutions which were not even envisioned only a few years ago,’ said Gustavo Verna, CEO of Philips Argentina.