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JCC bought by US manufacturer Leviton

The deal was struck following a bidding war between a number of prospective buyers and will see JCC become a wholly-owned Leviton subsidiary, led by executive chairman Richard Adey.

The acquisition gives Leviton a foothold in the UK, while offering JCC a way into the controls market.

Adey told Lux Review he is optimistic about JCC’s future as an independent division of Leviton. ‘One of the problems with larger corporations in the lighting sector is that it’s difficult when you have big legacy businesses,’ he said. ‘To move into new sectors, you don’t see major players surviving often. The only way you can survive is if you allow new businesses to grow, independent of the legacy.’

Adey said that JCC will benefit from Leviton’s lighting controls expertise as it moves into that market. ‘The next generation of technology is controls, and you just can’t get into something like that unless you have someone with expertise,’ he said.

‘The way we operate is dealing directly with LED producers. It’s difficult for other companies to move in that area, and we’ve stayed ahead by innovating,’ he said. ‘We’ll continue to do that in areas like bulkheads, and move into high bay in next year. The change for us will be not just the lights, but controls for domestic, commercial and retail.’

Donald Hendler, CEO of Leviton, said: ‘The acquisition of JCC is a strong strategic move, giving us a significant presence in the UK and a solid foundation for further expansion globally.’