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LIA to open new £700,000 lighting lab

New equipment at the 1,000m2 lab will include a goniophometer, which has been acquired from BSI and refurbished by Germany’s LMT, as well as a new humidity chamber and a lamp room large enough to life test 2,400 lamps.

The LIA is investing around £700,000 in the lab, including an £88,000 grant from the Green Bridge Supply Chain Programme, operated by the Regional Growth Fund. It said its new lab, on a newly acquired plot adjacent to its existing site in Telford, will allow it ‘to develop and meet industry requirements in the future’.

LIA Labs expects to double its staff headcount to around 26 in the next couple of years, and double its turnover.

The lab, due to open in mid-2014, will support new schemes providing accreditation of far-field photometers and integrating spheres, and certification for lighting products on attributes including safety and longevity.

It also aims to offer a service to support lighting SMEs with their R&D by allowing them to work together with lab engineers to test, refine and develop their products.

Mark Salt, managing director of LIA Labs, told Lux the service aims to provides ‘expert knowledge and access to really expensive equipment’ to companies that might not be able to afford substantial test facilities of their own.