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Could LED carpets be the future?

‘The solution will transform the way people interact with information and their environment,’ Philips said.

The partnership between Philips and Desso is an agreement to work exclusively together in developing the markets in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. In addition to this, a joint development agreement has been signed focussing on a seamless integration of the carpet into new and existing buildings.

These LED-integrated carpets will be able to provide information, direction, inspiration and safety. For example, light in the carpet could guide people around buildings or enhance ambience in a room by combining lighting with the rest of the design. The dynamic nature would mean information is only visible when needed.

‘This light transmissive carpet solution is designed to engage directly with people’s senses and the eye’s natural inclination to seek out light. The technology takes advantage of people’s tendency to be guided by the floor when moving through and interacting with space,’ said Ed Huibers of Philips. ‘This partnership is focussed on bringing meaningful innovations to the market.’

Desso CEO Alexander Collot d’Escury adds: ‘We know people spend 90 per cent of their time indoors and our vision linked to this is to create innovative flooring solutions that contribute to people’s health and wellbeing.’

The product name will be revealed in 2014 as part of the full launch, but the companies are already working on pilot projects.