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PhotonStar uses fundraising website to launch smart lamp

The company says its Halcyon lamp is the first multi-user wireless LED circadian lighting system for the whole home.

Halcyon can be used in existing fittings, and controlled through wireless networks. Lamps can be controlled by sensors, arranged into scenes, or controlled individually.

PhotonStar has set a fundraising target of £25,000 on Kickstarter to help develop the user interface. A Halcyon starter kit costs £210, while businesses that give £5,000 will get to partner with PhotonStar to develop more products for the range.

PhotonStar said the funding will help lower the cost of the new technology. A spokesperson said: ‘We want to produce our first products at the very lowest cost possible. We also will use your support to fund testing and certifications for as many countries as possible.’

The Halcyon bulb was developed following a Department of Energy and Climate Change grant that was awarded to PhotonStar in May 2013. PhotonStar said the grant enabled it to develop the design of Halcyon into a home system that works in line with the body’s natural circadian rhythms.

James McKenzie, CEO of PhotonStar, said: ‘The grant was a great endorsement of our energy-efficient ChromaWhite technology and has enabled us to accelerate the development of the Halcyon smart lamp.’

The Halcyon will be manufactured in South Wales by PhotonStar’s subsidiary Camtronics Vale.