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Big retailers have a “responsibility” to adopt LEDs, says Tesco lighting boss

Large-scale adoption of LED by big companies with big lighting needs will result in cost savings for other smaller companies, Riley said.

Speaking at the event in Earls Court, London, Riley said Tesco has been trialling LED for over three years now and that it has two convenience stores which have gone fully LED. Many trials are still underway, he said, and it is hoped that another fully LED store will be up and running within six months.

‘A good payback is essential,’ Riley said, noting also the need for colour rendering to be appropriate for the product. ‘We are trying to create some theatre,’ he said. ‘It’s not just about flat fluorescents anymore.’

‘Retailers have a responsibility to drive into the LED market; large companies using a lot will help to drive the price down.’

Arup’s Jeff Shaw said that those retailers who are still not convinced by the benefits of LED ‘have not been shown the right products’.

‘There’s almost no excuse now,’ Shaw said. ‘Our advice to retailers is to look at low-energy solutions but also to think about daylight too – that’s a key element of any retail scheme now … I don’t see us using traditional, especially halogen, in many if any, schemes in the future.’