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Who is the coolest of them all?

Simon Fisher of F Mark picked out the Wila Alphabet downlight thanks to its beautifully designed heatsink. Even though the heatsink would be hidden behind a ceiling, Fisher said: ‘A cool heatsink shouldn’t be underestimated’.

Liz Peck picked out the Aeroblades exterior luminaire by Cree and Speirs + Major – a winner in last year’s Lux Awards. ‘It’s essentially a streetlight,’ she said, ‘but it’s a bit different and a bit cool.’ Peck said it’s great to see product designers doing something innovative. ‘I get frustrated by people shoehorning LEDs into existing form factors,’ she said. ‘That’s dull and I don’t want it.’

Rebecca Weir of Light IQ (pictured) picked out Soraa’s Snap System  – an LED MR16 with a range of optical accessories that attach magentically to the front of the lamp. ‘The solution is so incredibly simple,’ she said. ‘It’s the first LED MR16 that we’ve considered using. I think it will start a change the shape of the retrofit market.’

David Scott-Maxwell of Forge Europa was less impressed with GE’s Lumination EL Series LED Linear, saying he expected something more innovative from products designed around LED. ‘It’s a rectangular bit of perspex with some LEDs on the side,’ he said.