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We want resilient suppliers with proper warranties, says McDonald’s energy manager

Peter Schroeder said warranty considerations are a major factor in selecting lighting suppliers, and that larger, well-established lighting firms are preferable.

‘One of the most important things is warranty on lamps,’ he said. ‘We want a company that will be there when we wish to call on them for warranty issues, and when we recommend products to our franchisees it’s important that they can call on the warranties if they need to.’

McDonald’s restaurants are upgrading their lights to LED in a massive refurb project spanning five years.

Over 1,000 UK restaurants are upgrading their lighting in dining, kitchen and outdoor areas, with one being completed about every two days.

McDonald’s is seeing typical savings in a typical store’s annual energy bill of over £6,000.

Schroeder said employees and customers are benefitting from the upgrade. He said: ‘We’re looking to go fully LED in the future. We’re saving a lot on maintenance and we’re looking to increase that.’

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