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Stockton Council fights budget cuts with low-energy lighting

The council cabinet has approved plans to invest £14 million in LED streetlights, estimating a saving of £1.8 million a year.

The decision came as the authority announced significant cuts, including the loss of 300 council jobs.

Approval of the scheme by the full council would see the replacement of all lanterns with LEDs and any lighting columns more than 25 years old with modern alternatives.

Councillor Mike Smith, who is responsible for regeneration and transport, said the new lighting will benefit the community by reducing energy costs and making people feel safer.
‘During 2012/13 the energy costs associated with streetlighting represented 65 per cent of the Council’s energy bill so the introduction of the LEDs would really help us dramatically reduce this ongoing, long-term expenditure,’ Smith said.
A lighting supplier will be selected following the setting of the budget in March 2014.


Photo: Wendy House (via Flickr)