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Walmart unveils its first 100% LED store

The retrofit involved changing close to 6,000 lamps from 25W fluorescents to 18W LEDs, from Canadian EcoLight LED Systems in the 8,175m2 store. Walmart said: ‘LED lighting emits much less heat. As a result, this change reduces our strain on the energy grid by scaling back our usage significantly. In addition to these benefits, we will see reduced costs for air conditioning, relamping and recycling, while also creating an improved shopping environment.’

This upgrade is expected to reduce energy consumption by 189,000kWh a year, resulting in a saving of around US$18,000 annually.

Following this successful LED retrofit, Walmart has announced plans to retrofit six more superstores in Ontario with LED lighting over the next four months.

‘Walmart Canada is very proud to be the first Canadian retailer to make this conversion,’ the retailer said. ‘We’re passionate about operating responsibly and this project represents one of many steps we’re taking to make our stores less energy intensive.’