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Serbia makes first switch to energy efficient lighting

UNEP has worked hand-in-hand with the Serbian Ministry of Energy, Development and Environmental Protection, the University of Belgrade and German lighting manufacturer, Osram, to demonstrate the benefits of a transition of energy efficient lighting in Serbia as part of the en.lighten initiative.

A combination of Osram fluorescent and compact fluorescents have been used with Dali control gear throughout the main auditorium. The annual energy savings are expected to total around 75 per cent.

‘The en.lighten initiative is a very important tool in the fight against climate change,’ said Professor Aleksandar Jovovic of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the university. ‘The pilot project shows that, with small investments, it is possible to achieve significant savings in electricity consumption and therefore, reduce CO2 emissions. As this project was realised at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, students who will in the future take care of energy and climate change in Serbia and in the region, will have experienced the importance of efficient lighting.’

If the entire country were to transition to energy efficient lighting, Serbia could save 1.7tWh a year, according to UNEP. That’s approximately 5.4 per cent of the total electricity consumption annually. This represents more than US$110 million in electricity bill savings and a reduction of 1.2 million tonnes of CO2 emissions a year. 

Pic via snapshotsofthepast (Flikr)