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NUS pioneers pay-as-you-go light scheme

The scheme allows the NUS to pay only for the energy it consumes, under a 15-year contract.

During the period of the contract Philips will guarantee that light levels are maintained to the L70 standard (giving at least seventy per cent of the original output) and will maintain pre-agreed energy savings.

The lighting will be monitored online with annual reporting back to NUS. Philips will also carry out annual health checks and preventative maintenance of the lighting.

Macadam House has recently been refurbished with LEDs throughout to achieve a  Breeam ‘excellent’ rating.

The NUS’s ethical and environmental manager Jamie Agombar said the project reflected the organisation’s work to encourage sustainability in students’ unions throughout the country.

‘As a registered charity we didn’t want to own services like the lighting,’ he said. ‘Our priority was to ensure the lighting performed as required in terms of light levels and energy consumption.’

The pay-per-lux system is one of a range of services that Philips now offers through its Philips Lighting Capital division, with the aim of helping clients to overcome the upfront costs associated with installing energy-saving lighting.