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New LED lamps aim to fill gap left by US bulb ban

The production of 40 and 60W lamps has been stopped as of 1 January, in line with new laws on energy efficiency.

However, the change has failed to grab the attention of Americans, with the majority unaware of the phase out. A survey by Osram Sylvania reported that only four in ten people in the US were aware of the ban on incandescent lamps.

A significant number were reluctant to accept the change, with 30 per cent of respondents to the survey admitting they would stockpile the banned lamps and continue to use them.

However, a large proportion of Americans have responded positively to the change. Almost two-thirds of consumers said they would switch to CFL or LED bulbs.

The new law has made way for an influx of alternative lamps coming into the US market. Osram is promoting its Energy Star-qualified 40 and 60W lamps, which sell for less than $10 (£6), while Philips has launched a lamp in a distinctive 2D format, which it claims can last for 23 years. The SlimStyle bulb is an ultra-energy-efficient 60W equivalent and is on sale for $10.

Prices of LED lamps are continuing to fall,with the latest figures from IHS showing the average price fell by nearly 12 per cent in 2013 to $24.50 (£15).