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Edinburgh secures £2.15m streetlight upgrade loan

The council is set to upgrade its lights following its White Light pilot project in October 2012, when 271 lights were upgraded in two areas of Edinburgh.

Nearly 6,000 lamps across the city are to be converted to LED from February 2014, saving the Council £276,000 a year in energy costs. 

The upgrade will be funded by a loan from Salix, a government-backed finance provider.

When added to a previous ‘spend to save’ proposal to install LED lanterns on a number of main roads, this will result in approximately 24 per cent of Edinburgh’s street lighting being upgraded to energy-efficient white light sources. 

Vice convener of transport and environment councillor Jim Orr said: ‘We’re now looking at rolling white lighting across the city which will save millions in the long run as well as making Edinburgh look better. Obviously, these lights are also much more energy efficient which is all part of Edinburgh’s sustainability journey and will provide a safer environment for citizens and visitors.’