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Energy audit programme could save businesses thousands of pounds

Large companies in the UK are now required to investigate how they could cut their energy use with measures like more efficient lighting

The audit programme, delivered by NatWest and The Royal Bank of Scotland, will look at increasing efficiency and reducing consumption, as well as identifying opportunities for businesses to produce their own energy through renewable technology.

The audits aim to highlight immediate, medium and long-term opportunities for businesses, guidance on what to do next and estimated costs, savings and payback periods.

The programme has been rolled out across the UK following a pilot in the north of England.

Over 60 businesses with an annual energy spend of between £10,000 and £200,000 a year took part in the pilot, achieving an average projected potential saving of £23,000.

Ian Burrow, head of agriculture and renewable energy for commercial banking at NatWest and RBS, said: ‘The audits look at the behaviours of businesses from helping them tackle the small things like encouraging staff to switch off lights and appliances, as well as implementing energy-saving initiatives such as better insulation and equipment to regulate energy flow into buildings.’