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LEDs have ‘barely scratched the surface’ of retail

Despite high profile projects from some of the biggest names in the retail business, including all four of the UK’s top supermarkets, a BRE survey estimated that LED products make up less than five per cent of lighting in the sector.

BRE’s survey was an update to a study first conducted in 2011, based on visits to retail outlets in the Watford area.

Gareth Howlett, a researcher at the Building Technology Group, part of the BRE Trust, said the results suggested that around 10 per cent of retailers are using LEDs, but that less than five per cent of lamp stock is LED.

T8 is believed to still be the most commonly used lighting technology in retail, making up for around 40 per cent of lighting in the sector, followed by T5 and CFL.

At a recent conference, Bill Wright of the Retail Energy Forum said: ‘LEDs are still at the beginning of the revolution. There’s a lot more to come.’