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Company bosses taking charge of energy efficiency

A third of CEOs and managing directors surveyed have taken the lead on energy efficiency management, while nearly all companies surveyed said rising energy prices have created a need for better energy management. Two thirds also cited reducing their carbon footprint as a reason for implementing or considering energy efficiency measures.

The report shows that manufacturers start turning to specialist energy buyers or managers once the company’s turnover exceeds £20 million. Almost two thirds of the companies surveyed have already undergone energy audits, and 20 per cent turn to their energy supplier for energy management advice.

Gareth Stace, head of climate and environment policy at EEF, said: ‘Managing higher energy costs whilst maintaining international competitiveness is one of the biggest challenges facing manufacturers today.

‘The most advanced companies are systematically addressing inefficiencies in their buildings and processes to try and mitigate rising costs that come straight off the bottom line. This must remain a focus for all manufacturers.’