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UK needs to get better at controls ‘or run out of energy’

Speaking at the Smart Lighting Controls conference in London today, Langdown said that poor communication between contractors, designers, security managers and other key decision makers means opportunities to save more energy with controls are being missed.

 ‘Everything is connected now, but we don’t make the most of lighting control because we don’t understand it’, said Langdown. ‘We’ve got to bridge that gap because we don’t have sufficient capacity to deliver the energy requirements that the UK demands. If we continue to consume energy at the rate we do now, we will run out in the short term.’

Langdown stressed that the gap between technology and implementation is not due to a lack of new developments: ‘Although there is plenty of technology on the market, the knowledge of how it can be used is not communicated to those who need it,’ he said.

He added:  ‘We’ve had daylight control for years, allowing luminaires to adjust to the available daylight, but we haven’t progressed much when it comes to implementation despite there being enough technology out there. It’s a big lighting and design challenge to bridge that gap.’