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Dali restructure targets wider global user base

Kevin McCann, co-chair of the Dali working group, told the Smart Lighting Controls Conference in London last week: ‘We realised we had to make the membership process more transparent. Many of the big manufacturers are members, but the people who actually use Dali on a daily basis are designers and commissioning agents, and they have to be able to access our data.’

McCann added: ‘The wider community also needs to understand what the Dali protocol and the logo is about. So there will soon be a communications tool and an identification tool, and more transparency about the Dali group.

‘We’re investing heavily to get the Dali standard going. We’ve taken on more people and in the last six months, we have started to actively go out to give presentations about our work. Before, Dali was very much stuck in the offices in Germany and didn’t communicate much about the standard or what it represented.’

Dali, based in Germany, was restructured with a new board of international directors last year. ‘We wanted to make sure that Dali was not seen as a German standard,’ McCann said. ‘It’s a worldwide standard.’