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Smart lighting dominates Light + Building 2014

Last time, the talk was all about what LEDs could achieve, particularly in terms of efficacy. This time, exhibitors don’t even bother pointing out that their whole stand is LED. The conversation has moved on past efficacy and quality of light, to what lights can do beyond simply illuminating a space.

Whether it’s wireless controls, smart lamps, or luminaires that use light to pinpoint your position in a building, it’s all about making lighting intelligent, responsive and connected – and using this to open up new functionality and benefits.

Amy Huntington, CEO of professional lighting solutions at Philips, told Lux Review: ‘We’re showing our customers what’s possible when we connect lights to create a system. It’s about delivering business outcomes because the lighting system in a building becomes an information pathway and the use of digital lighting enables data about that installation. That creates an opportunity for us to deliver more value.’

Tridonic’s CEO Alfred Felder said: ‘The established companies are all talking about intelligent lighting solutions. Alongside the penetration of LED, also software, intelligent lighting, smart lighting is coming in. I have the feeling the real breakthrough is not yet there… but I think that’s the process we’re in now.’

Fred Bass of Megaman said: ‘I’m seeing a general convergence in the industry – a blurring between light source and light fixture makers, and digital controls merging with LED light sources to produce a smart lighting solution. Everybody’s doing everything.’