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LED lamps may be booming, but manufacturers say ‘the future is fixtures’

At the Light + Building show in Frankfurt this week, representatives from Toshiba and Havells-Sylvania individually told Lux that the long life of LED lamps will cause a decline in demand for new lamp replacements, prompting manufacturers to seek a strong foothold in the world of fixtures. 

‘Because of the life of LEDs being far greater than that of traditional lamps, we will see in the next two-to-three years that the market for lamps will grow very fast, and then continue to decline because the replacement market will not be there,’ said Anil Gupta, COO of Havells-Sylvania. ‘By that time, the fixtures market for LED lighting will be taking over because new buildings will all have fixtures with LEDs,’ he added.

The growing market for all-LED fixtures has also encouraged change, Gupta said. ‘There is a lot of conversion – it’s not just lamps and fixtures being made separately now. There is an increased focus on sales through solutions and in the future we will be selling whole lighting solutions to designers and architects.’

Francois Seguineau, general manager of Toshiba, said: ‘Four years ago we attended our first Light + Building show and we were mainly a lamp producer. Now we’ve moved to fixtures – it’s a normal evolution, we’re using technology to make more luminaires.’

Seguineau added: ‘Moving from lamps to fixtures means we will be closer to the needs of the end user, so we are developing some special partnerships with existing companies that make high-level components in Europe. Now, some components come from Japan and others from Europe where we have other designs.’