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World’s largest retail goes LED in 150+ stores worldwide

GE will be providing the fixtures, which use 40 per cent less energy and are expected to save 340,000kWh per store in the US – equating to more than $34,000 (€25,000) in savings per year in each store.

Installation of the new LED ceiling lighting kicks off this month at Asda, Walmart’s business in the UK. Ten UK stores will be fitted with LED ceiling fixtures, with an expected energy saving of 45 – 51 per cent. The majority of the stores benefitting from the new LED fixtures will be in Mexico, Brazil and the US.

Walmart’s ceilings will predominantly be lit with LED fixtures from GE’s Lumination IS series. The new fixtures will help further Walmart’s goal to reduce the amount of energy used per square foot in its buildings globally by 20 per cent by 2020. The total energy savings made in all the LED-lit Walmart stores over the next 10 years are expected to reach 620 million kWh.

Doug McMillon, president and CEO of Walmart, said: ‘LEDs have become an integral part of our energy efficiency model for our stores and play a key role in achieving our overall sustainability goals.’