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Efficiency targets not on the cards for public sector buildings, says minister

Announcing the publication of the UK Lighting Sector Strategy recently produced by the LIA and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, Fallon told Lux:

 ‘I’m not sure we’re going to get into the business of prescribing specific targets. The industry is innovating all the time and given the rising cost of energy I think there is sufficient incentive there, certainly in the private sector […] but also for the public sector, to get more value for money from the public purse. There is every incentive on public sector managers to ensure that energy costs are minimised.’

Fallon added: ‘We don’t want to be too prescriptive; we want to encourage, we want to promote best practice. We think we can do that without putting extra legislative burden or administrative burden on companies.’

The UK Lighting Sector Strategy outlines a plan for the lighting sector with a list of expected outcomes, including green public procurement initiatives, incentives for building refurbishments and a reduced tax burden for SMEs. To read the full document, click here.