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Pickles ‘loves’ streetlight switch-offs: ‘I can get a good night’s sleep’

Pickles was responding to criticism from Conservative councillors during a visit to Basildon, Essex, where streetlights have recently been switched off between midnight and 5am.

The Telegraph quotes Pickles saying: ‘In a time when we are on the cusp with regards to our electricity supply, we can’t have lights burning all night on the off chance someone wants to get out and do aerobics at 3pm.’

One councillor complained that taxi drivers no longer feel safe driving in dark areas at night. Pickles said: ‘I love it because I’m economically minded. It’s saving a phenomenal amount of money, it’s decreased crime because burglars love ambient lighting, it’s nice to see the night sky and, as someone who lives in a main street that has had its lights cut off, I can get a good night’s sleep.’

[Photo: Conservative Party]