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Lighting company manager missing at sea – colleagues call for search to resume

Colleagues in the lighting industry are petitioning for the US Coast Guard’s search for the boat and its crew to resume.

Warren (pictured, bottom left) was onboard the boat together with Andrew Bridge, Paul Goslin and James Male.

The search for the boat was called off on Sunday, two days after all contact was lost with the four British sailors onboard, who were returning from a race in the Caribbean.

A petition has been launched for the US Coast Guard to resume the search for the four lost men. ‘The US Coast Guard has done a fantastic job searching for the crew, but we are asking that they just give them a bit more time. It is reported that two consecutive signals were picked up from personal beacons indicating that they had made it to the life raft. They deserve a chance to be found, please help by signing this petition to ask the US Coast Guard to please search again,’ the petition says.

On Thursday 15 May the boat’s skipper, Andrew Bridge, reported that the boat was taking on water. The crew amended their course to head for the Azores islands. On Friday morning the yacht training and charter firm Stormforce Coaching lost all contact with them.

The petition for the search for Cheeky Rafiki to resume can be found here.