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Lighting gets smart at Frankfurt 2014

Many companies are seeing a future is fixtures, and turning their attention away from lamps, or reinventing lamps as ‘smart’ products with built-in intelligence and control.

Anil Gupta, COO of Havells-Sylvania, told Lux Review: ‘Because of the life of LEDs being far greater than that of traditional lamps, we will see in the next two-to-three years that the market for lamps will grow very fast, and then continue to decline because the replacement market will not be there. By that time, the fixtures market for LED lighting will be taking over because new buildings will all have fixtures with LEDs.’

Meanwhile, wired control systems are being replaced by wireless alternatives with companies such as Osram, Philips, Havells-Sylvania, Samsung, Harvard and Lucibel demonstrating their latest wireless ‘smart’ lighting products.

‘The market is moving away from a centrally controlled, addressable paradigm to more autonomous systems which are completely wireless and require no commissioning,’ said Danny Bishop of Organic Response.

Francois Seguineau, the head of Toshiba’s lighting business in Europe, said: ‘We try to provide “smart ready” lighting, which allows each luminaire to be connected to systems that manage energy, including cooling and heating. It’s part of the digitalisation of the world and will allow new players to enter the LED market, not just to produce light but to transfer information.’

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