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Lighting companies partner with Apple’s “smart homes” control app

The HomeKit app can connect to domestic hardware such as lighting, heating, door locks and webcams, that has been certified as ‘Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod’ (MFi). The connected devices can then be grouped into ‘scenes’ and controlled together for the user’s desired morning routine, bedtime environment or any other scenario.

According to Philips Lighting’s CEO, Eric Rondolat, Philips’ Hue range of connected lighting products will be among the first products to be compatible with Apple’s HomeKit.

Rondolat said: ‘HomeKit will allow us to further enhance the Philips Hue lighting experience by making it simpler to securely pair devices throughout the house and control them using Siri.’ Philips’ Hue lamp is already sold in the Apple store.

Cree and Osram will also be producing MFi certified products for HomeKit. A spokesperson for Cree said: ‘We’re thrilled to be developing lighting that will work with Apple’s new HomeKit Accessory Protocol. We believe that enabling simplicity in lighting is the first and best step to driving value for the consumer, and collaborating with innovative companies like Apple will help Cree reach even more consumers to drive 100 percent adoption of LED lighting.’

Samsung also has a ‘smart home’ system which allows its Zigbee and Bluetooth enabled lamps to be controlled in conjunction with other devices in the home.

Google’s Android so far has no equivalent, although Google recently bought Nest – a maker of smart thermostats and other devices.

This article was modified on 6 June to include a statement from Cree.