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‘Give us consistent data’ say lighting designers

Forty-five per cent of lighting designers questioned said that the difficulty of comparing data from different manufacturers was the biggest problem with information in the lighting industry, in a survey presented at the International Lighting Fixture Design conference in London yesterday.

Inability to find key numbers came second on the list, with 15 per cent of lighting designers surveyed listing unclear specs as the main problem in the industry.

Confusion, misleading information and hype were also high on the list.

Rory Marples, design manager at iGuzzini, said: ‘Universally there is a concern about the reliability and veracity of the information that comes from manufacturers. Ideally, with a professional approach comes reliable information.’

Roger Beckett of Light Projects said: ‘I’m surprised, usually all I hear from lighting consultants is cost, cost, cost.’

End users appear to have a similar problem, with 42 per cent of healthcare estate managers valuing honesty highest in a similar survey.

Among retailers, the main concern was low running cost, which 20 per cent listed as the most important quality in a product. Price was only selected by 10 per cent of the retailers asked as being the most important thing.