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Kazakhstan’s largest city gets funding for low-energy streetlights

Streetlighting is responsible for 25 per cent of the city administration’s current electricity consumption. Conversion to energy-efficient technologies is expected to minimise electricity usage and reduce operating and maintenance costs.

The EBRD is providing a loan of €25 million (US$34 million) to the municipal communal enterprise Almaty Kala Zharyk. Half of this comes directly from the EBRD, with the other half from the Green Energy Special Fund, an EBRD-administered fund supported by international donors.

Technical cooperation grants of €780,000 (US$1 million) will also be provided. Of this, €400,000 (US$544,000) will come from the TaiwanBusiness-EBRD Cooperation Fund and €380,000 (US$517,000) from the EBRD Shareholder Special Fund.


The streetlighting plan is part of an ongoing modernisation programme focused on improving energy efficiency and upgrading public utilities and transport in Almaty.

Since 2009 the EBRD has financed the purchase of 400 environmentally friendly  buses and almost 200 trolley buses.

The project agreement was signed during a recent visit to the city by EBRD president Sir Suma Chakrabarti. Sir Suma commented: ‘This [project] will result in significant energy savings for the city and is yet another of our projects that furthers the green economy agenda of Kazakhstan.’