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Lighting up loyalty: 101-year-old man on the job at lamp shop for 73 years

In illumination terminology, you could say that Hy Goldman’s job has outlived even the most outlandish claims for LED longevity: Hy has dutifully worked for the same New Jersey lighting shop for 73 years.

Yes, 73 years at Capitol Lighting in East Hanover, N.J., about 25 miles from that well lit city to the east, New York. Three quarters of a century at the same merchandiser – that’s three times the 25-year lifespan that many LED manufacturers claim for an LED bulb, and a couple decades more than the most exaggerated claims of 50 years.

But never mind the LEDs, which didn’t even exist in any practical form let alone a light bulb when Hy first clocked in at Capitol in 1941 to sell wares and clean displays.

As the Daily Mail notes, Hy – given name Herman – took off some army time to serve in World War II, but other than that, he’s beat a path through the Capitol doors all these years. These days he reports about four times a week to repair and rebuild lamps.

So, you say, his guy must be pushing a hundred. Indeed. Hy celebrated his 101st birthday on Monday by going to work, which is how the story of his remarkable tenure circulated.

In an era when people keep the same job for about as long as a faulty incandescent bulb lasts, what else can one say, except: Well done Hy!

Photo: Hidey Hy! Hidey Ho! Hy Goldman doing his thing at Capitol Lighitng. Image is from the Capitol blog.