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How LEDs made this fancy hotel job extinct

Get into The Grove: The 5-star hotel and spa has upgraded the lighting in individual rooms and in corridors. Next up: Bigger public areas.

Things that have gone the way of the dodo bird: Dodo birds, letter writing and, most recently — guys who replace light bulbs for a living. 

That’s what happened at the 5-star The Grove hotel and spa outside London, where facilities manager Robert Kentworthy decided to overhaul the conventional lighting with LEDs.

For any time travelers just arriving from the era of our extinct feathered friend: LED bulbs are known not only for huge energy savings, but also for purportedly lasting a couple of decades.

In a video report on Lux’s YouTube channel, Kentworthy cites both of those advantages.

‘The primary benefit obviously is it uses less electricity,’ he says. ‘In addition to that, the longevity is incomparable to traditional fittings.’

How incomparable are they? 

‘The guys don’t have to be changing lights all the time when they fail,’ he says

And when you’re a posh countryside golf resort like The Grove, it was a huge effort to keep an eye on all the old lights. As Kentworthy notes, ‘We had somebody who was employed almost for an entire day every day walking around the property and looking for bulbs that had failed.’

A full time bulb replacer!

There’s no word on what that guy is doing now. Perhaps they’ve reassigned him to placing chocolates on pillows. But The Grove should still keep him around for emergencies, because LED bulbs have not existed long enough for us to know whether they really will last the 20, 25, 30 and more years that manufacturers often claim.

What if they fail after, say, 18 months? That would be something worth writing a letter about.

Watch the video to see how The Grove modernised its lighting: 


Photo at top of story is a screen grab from the Lux/YouTube video