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Beijing mall’s lighting designers think outside the box

A new shopping centre in Beijing is equipped with dynamic lighting that transforms the architecture into a glowing box of many colours at night.

The Beijing Jinyu Vanke Plaza is located in the northwestern district of Changping, home to the famous Ming Dynasty Tombs. The 140,000m2 mall was planned to bring international style to the up-and-coming area. Its architecture is characterised by sweeping curves and a neutral colour palette, with a large skylight over the main atrium.

The lighting design team, led by the China branch of LDPi, wished to achieve a unified lighting effect while applying different lighting methods to the glass box and metal panel curtain wall.

In the glass box, low-voltage 5500K white outdoor LED strips are hidden under the arc-shaped pattern behind the glass curtain wall, allowing the indirect reflected lights to form a soft arc-shaped light ribbon.

High-voltage outdoor RGB linear LED projectors are also hidden, installed in the beams to enhance the texture of the façades while enabling colour-change in the glass box. Linear 3000K LEDs highlight the random window-like pattern carved in the metal panel curtain wall.

Linear LEDs from suppliers Luci and Roled were used, together with wallwashers from Roled and other products from Guangpu Times, Yin Yu and Shi Ji Liao Heng Lighting.