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Henry Bucks flagship store gets LED makeover

The flagship store of men’s fashion retailer Henry Bucks in Melbourne has been relit with high-CRI LEDs.

Local company Red Design approached lighting supplier Aglo to create a high-quality lighting installation with excellent colour rendering for the site in Melbourne’s central business district – where Henry Buck opened his first shop in 1890.

The lighting had to provide a comfortable, glare free environment that made customers feel welcome. The more welcome they feel, the longer they’re likely to spend in the store.

The look of the stores had to live up to the prestige of the brands on display, which include Hackett, Pringle, Barbour and Stefano Ricci.

Different concepts were required for the ground floor, which has an exposed ceiling, and the basement, which has a plaster ceiling. The ground floor has windows on to the street, the basement has no windows. Both floors presented different lighting challenges.

A combination of track-mounted spotlights on the ground floor, and twin, recessed adjustable downlights were used throughout the scheme. All the fixtures incorporate LED sources from Cree. The colour rendering index of the sources was 95, to ensure customers can judge the appearance of the clothing on display accurately.

Technical lighting fixtures for the project were designed, assembled and configured by Aglo, using LEDs from Cree and drivers from Tridonic. The result is a great-looking store, and a scheme that’s highly efficient in its energy use.