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Cheaper Hue products “in the pipeline”, hints Philips designer

George Yianni, the designer behind Philips’ highly successful Hue internet lamps, has hinted that lower-priced versions of various Hue-compatible products are on the way.

In an interview with tech website Ars Technica, Yianni said that this year’s launch of the Hue Lux – a version of the connected GLS lamp with no colour-changing ability and a significantly lower price tag – would be followed by similar ‘Lux’ versions of other Hue-compatible products, which include GU10 lamps, flexible LED strips, wallwashers, pendant lights and even 3D-printed table lights.

The Hue Lux currently sells in the Apple Store for £24.95, half the price of the standard Hue, which will set you back £49.95. The Hue Lux starter pack, including two lamps and the wireless ‘bridge’ required to link them to your Wi-Fi network, costs £79.95, while the standard Hue starter pack, including three colour-changing lamps and the bridge, is priced at £179.95.

Yianni, who holds the title of head of technology for connected lighting at Philips, told Ars Technica the launch of Hue ‘surpassed all expectations’ and that he was impressed by the way users had embraced Hue’s API to come up with new ways to use it.

Philips recently released the below ad promoting Hue. The ad will be shown online, outdoor and on Smart TVs in the UK, US and parts of Europe.