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100,000 hours and going strong

One hundred thousand hours – it’s the classic lifetime figure that LED salespeople love to casually bandy around without any evidence.

But one Cambridge-based lighting manufacturer can now make that claim with complete confidence – because the LED sign on the front of its factory has been running non-stop for more than 100,000 hours – and it’s still going.

The colourful signage lighting on the front of Pulsar Light’s factory, installed in early 2003, has now been going for 11 years and six months, enduring some of the wettest and hottest years in recent history as well as snow, ice, hail, wind and everything in between.

Pulsar’s Dave Cowan says: ‘Being able to say we have been around since 1970 and that our factory lighting installation has been running without issue for 100,000 hours is really important to our customers – especially those who may have been exposed to lower quality equipment in the past which needed replacing within months. We’re tempted to just keep them up there to see how long they last!’