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Denmark’s “living lab” to help Europe’s councils choose the best streetlighting

Municipalities across Europe are coming together at a new ‘living’ streetlighting lab in Denmark, to see the latest technology in action and understand its potential.

The Danish Outdoor Lighting Lab (DOLL) is a 10km stretch of road in an industrial park in Albertslund, just outside Copenhagen, where 50 different LED streetlighting solutions from a number of manufacturers are being tested out and showcased.

A range of international manufacturers are involved with DOLL, including GE, Philips and Thorn, and municipalities from around Europe are invited to make use of the lab to support their decisions on new lighting.

Jacob Lundgaard, programme manager at Albertslund Municipality, told Lux Review: ‘It’s a really big deal for us that we can make new partnerships and work with other cities that are frontrunners in lighting.’

Watch Lux Review’s video on the launch of DOLL, above.

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