Imagine the electricity bill – now there’s a truly scary sight for Halloween.

They’re busy bees, the employees at the National Grid. The picture above was taken at 7.30pm, with all lights burning in the building AND the car park. According to a spokesperson from the National Grid, the office has a control system which switches off the lighting automatically if a room is empty. Leading us to conclude that every single room in the building has at least one employee slaving away into the wee hours. Or, and we’re just throwing some ideas around here, that the control system needs a check-up.

These images have come just a day after the Grid told Britain that its capacity to supply electricity this winter would be at its lowest in seven years.

Earlier this year, Ofgem estimated that Britain’s lights could fade at sporadic intervals for up to 9 hours if we get a harsh winter, due to short electricity supplies. 

Anyone there? 

Photos: SWNS