How professional is professional?

Over the years I have often heard our industry referred to as the ‘professional’ lighting market. This statement would or could lead customers to believe that all lighting manufacturers and their staff are highly trained, and that they are manufacturing and supplying products that are highly engineered and rigorously tested.

So how professional is professional? Most days we discover or see that not all levels of the industry are as professional as they should be. These companies can tarnish our industry’s reputation.

“Professional companies invest a lot of money to ensure their products are safe and compliant”

How do we level the playing field? First we ensure that standards and directives are met by investigating known or potentially non-compliant products. We have to ensure that all relevant regulatory testing is carried out and that documentation such as product test data and certificates of compliance are available for customers.

By being diligent in asking for these types of information we will force the non-compliant companies to comply. Professional companies invest a lot of money to ensure their products are safe and compliant. So why can’t the unprofessional companies be made to do the same?

Schemes like LIA Verified, its education programme and the LIA Laboratories, are three such initiatives among many others. They support, educate and help all sizes of lighting companies to promote a professional and trusted approach. And reassure customers that we are indeed professional and not just hiding behind the word.


Alasdair McRury is president of the Lighting Industry Association